Bezubaan Ishq (2015)

India| July 2015| 130 min| Hindi
Bezubaan Ishq (2015)
Genre Romance
Color Color
Certification India:U
Locations Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Director Jaswant Gangani
Lead Cast Mugdha Godse, Sneha Ullal, Nishant Malkani, Darshan Jariwala, Farida Jalal
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Plot Summary
Bezubaan Ishq unravels the beautiful story of love triange, unspoken love and sacrifice with characters from real life. The film is set in the modern times with traditional Indian culture and values, and follows the story of three friends - Suhani, Rumjhum and Swagat - and their families.#The film Bezubaan Ishq is set in the modern times with traditional Indian culture and values, and follows the story of three friends and their families. Mansukh Patel (Sachin Khedekar) is a business tycoon residing with his British wife, Lisa (Alexandra Ashman) and daughter Rumjhum (Sneha Ullal) in London, UK. Despite living in the UK for a long time, the Patels haven't forgotten their Indian tradition and values. Mansukh's younger brother, Rashmikant Patel (Darshan Jariwala) lives in Mumbai with his daughter, Suhani (Mugdha Godse). Having lost his wife Rekha early in life, Rashmikant is a protective father and pampers Suhani with all her demands, and so does his mother, Savitri (Farida Jalal).

Rashmikant's childhood friend and business partner Vipul Shah (Muni Jha) lives with his wife, Laxmi Shah (Smita Jaykar) and son, Swagat (Nishant Malkani). Suhani is full of life, a spoilt brat, and can be very aggressive when it comes to love and friendship. Her life is all about partying, drinking and enjoying herself. She also suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) that leads to impulsive, aggressive and violent behaviour at the slightest provocation, and the person who can keep her calm is none other than Swagat. While Swagat cares a lot about Suhani, his childhood friend, Suhani is madly in love with the person who plays an important role in her life.

A twist in the tale comes when Suhani and Swagat’s parents announce their engagement, being driven by the duo’s bonding and caring for each other. Swagat, albeit shocked, accepts the decision to fulfill his parents’ wishes. At this time, Mansukh Patel arrives in Mumbai with his family to attend his niece’s engagement. After the engagement, Suhani, Rumjhum and Swagat set off for a trip to Rajasthan along with some of their friends. While on the trip, Rumjhum’s simplicity, innocence, beauty and kidn-hearted nature wins over Swagat’s heart, and they cannot stop getting close to each other until the day Suhani discovers the thriving relationship between the two. In a fit of rage, she attempts suicide, but eventually gets saved. After this incident, Swagat and Rumjhum decide to put an end to their relationship and maintain distance. What remains to be seen is whether Swagat marries his true love, Rumjhum, or sacrifices his love for childhood friend Suhani.
After being introduced by Salman Khan in Lucky: No Time for Love (2005), Sneha Ullal has worked in only two more Bollywood films until now - Aryan (2006) and Click (2010). This is only the fourth Hindi film featuring the actress who was repeatedly tagged as the look-alike of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Bezubaan Ishq is the first Hindi film directed by Jashwant Gangani. Before this, he mainly directed Gujarati films.

Being a mentor to Sneha Ullal, Salman Khan too to Twitter to promote the film: “My Lucky's new Movie Bezubaan Ishq song”.

Although the film didn’t fair well at the box office, the title track of the movie, “Bezubaan Ishq”, sung by Javed Ali and Arpita Chakraborty, received overwhelming response from critcs and audience alike.
Mugdha Godse Suhani
Sneha Ullal Rumjhum
Nishant Malkani Swagat
Darshan Jariwala Rashmikant Patel, Suhani's Father
Farida Jalal Savitri, Suhani's Grandmother
Sachin Khedekar Mansukh Patel, Rumjhum's Father
Muni Jha Vipul Shah, Swagat's Father
Smita Jaykar Laxmi Shah, Swagat's Mother
Alexandra Ashman Lisa, Rumjhum's mother
Jitu Pandya
Soniya Mehta Ananya
Rittesh Mobh Pintu
Akshita Sethi Jassi
Aru Krishansh Verma Parbat
Devendra Pandit
Sanjay Patel
Rakesh Pujara
Director Jaswant Gangani
Producer Dinesh Likhiya
C J Gadara
Jaswant Gangani
Executive Producer
Writer Jaswant Gangani(story)
Jaswant Gangani(screenplay)
Sanjay V Shah(screenplay)
Lyricist Jashwant Gangani
Prashant Ingole
Music Composer Babli Haque
Rupesh VermaRaju Singh(background music)
Singers Javed Ali
Arpita Chakraborty
Mohit Chauhan
Shalmali Kholgade
Altamash Faridi
Shreya Ghoshal
Tochi Raina
Anita Bhatt
Osman Mir
Cinematographer S Kuumar Bhagat
Action Director Kaushal
Film Editor Paresh Y Manjrekar
Casting Director
Production Designer
Art Director Ashim Haldar
Costume Designer
Production Companies Gangani Motion Pictures
Song # 1Bezubaan Ishq
Written byJashwant Gangani
Composed byBabli Haque
Performed byJaved Ali,   Arpita Chakraborty
Song # 2Ankhon Mein Basa Lunga
Written byJashwant Gangani
Composed byRupesh Verma
Performed byMohit Chauhan,   Parineeta
Song # 3Har Lamha Kar Party
Written byPrashant Ingole
Composed byRupesh Verma
Performed byShalmali Kholgade
Song # 4Teri Masumiyat
Written byJashwant Gangani
Composed byRupesh Verma
Performed byAltamash Faridi
Song # 5Teri Meri Ankahi Dastan
Written byJashwant Gangani
Composed byRupesh Verma
Performed byMohit Chauhan,   Shreya Ghoshal
Song # 6Dil Parinda
Written byJashwant Gangani
Composed byRupesh Verma
Performed byTochi Raina,   Anita Bhatt
Song # 7Bhor Bhayo
Written byJashwant Gangani
Composed byRupesh Verma
Performed byOsman Mir
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The Freepress Journal|Review by Johnson Thomas
They claim it to be a modern romance with a traditional Indian backdrop and values but what it amounts to is a bad incompatible marriage of ideas altogether.
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NowRunning|Review by Shishir Gautam
Every now and then a new person from some corner of the country reaches Mumbai hoping to make a film. Some even have the money and decide to produce, not understanding much about the business of filmmaking nor the art of it. Result, unless in rare cases, is usually a film that could only send him/her back to the same corner never to return.
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The Times of India|Review by Renuka Vyavahare
Tragic love stories loaded with sacrifices, obligations and heartbreak...once in a while, a film comes along which reminds you that some people are still stuck in the 80's time warp. The makers of Bezubaan Ishq certainly are. Their concept is ghastly outdated and the television soap opera-esque execution yawn-worthy.
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