Bangistan (2015)

India| August 2015| 135 min| Hindi
Bangistan (2015)
Genre Comedy
Color Color
Certification UK:12A , India:UA , Canada:PG (British Columbia)
Locations Poland
Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India
Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, India
Director Karan Anshuman
Lead Cast Riteish Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat, Jacqueline Fernandez
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Plot Summary
The film is a satirical take on violence and bloodshed in the name of religion, and tells the story of two wanna-be terrorists - Hafeez Bin Ali (Riteish Deshmukh) and Praveen Chaturvedi (Pulkit Samrat) - who hail from a fictional country called Bangistan, and share a common goal to change the world.#The film is a satire comedy on fundamentalism and cross-border terrorism, and tells the story of two men - Hafeez Bin Ali (Riteish Deshmukh) and Praveen Chaturvedi (Pulkit Samrat) - who hail from two different communities and reside in a fictional country called Bangistan. Hafeez works in a call center while Praveen is a drama student. However, there is a common thing between them. They both are terrorists with lofty ideologies, ordinary talent, and a destructive goal. While Hafeez and Praveen are busy nurturing their own goals, subcontinental leaders of Muslims and Hindus, the Imam (Tom Alter) and the Shankaracharya (Shivkumar Subramaniam), being concerned with the unrest in name of religion, announce that they will be attending the International Peace Conference to be held in Poland and join hands in an attempt to help unite the two religions. The rival organizatons, Islamist Al-Kaam Tamam and Maa Ka Dal consider this as an opportunity and conspire to destroy the mission of Imam and the Shankaracharya. Islamist Al-Kaam Tamam hire Hafeez and Maa Ka Dal hire Praveen and brainwash them to suicide bomb the conference. Hafeez and Praveen decide on their own to change their identities and religion for the mission. Accordingly, Hafeez takes disguise of a Hindu named Iswharchand Sharma while Praveen takes disguise of a Muslim named Allah Rakha. While on the mission, the two guys end up staying in the same apartment, and befriend each other without being aware of each other's identity. What follows next is a series of comic incidents and a range of emotions, while sending across a positive message for all religions to co-exist in peace and harmony.
This is the second film in which acterss Jacqueline Fernandez shares screen space with Riteish Deshmukh after the fantasy adventure film Aladin (2009), which marked her Bollywood debut.

This is the second film for actor Pulkit Samrat with Excel Entertainment after Fukrey (2013).

The film faced a few hurdles because of its storyline. Certain countries objected to the film's content, and was in fact banned from releasing in the UAE. The film was also not released in Pakistan after their Censor Board rejected to do so after viewing the film's trailer claiming it's offensive to the country. Singapore also refused to release the film owing to the controversial storyline based on terrorism.

In India, the film faced resistance from a religious group called Hindu Legal Cell, who sent a letter to the Censor Board demanding a stay on the release of the film. The basis for objection was the character of Pulkit Samrat, who plays the role of Hanuman in a theatre, is later getting involved in terrorist activities.

The film was cleared by the Censor Board with a UA certificate after 6 verbal cuts. The words that had to go were 'ghanta', 'Qafir', 'minority', 'Dalaal', Saala' and 'Saali'.

A website was launched to promote major tourist attractions in Bangistan along with the key facts and figures of the country – Director Karan Anshuman made all efforts to make the country look real and created the country’s own newspaper “The Bangistan Times”, it's popular fast food joint "FcDonald", and its own currency "Bang" (42- Bangs = 1 US Dollar).

The film marks Karan Anshuman's debut in directing feature films. Before this, the former film critic directed a short film titled Bhaichara (2004).
Riteish Deshmukh Hafeez Bin Ali / Ishwarchand Sharma, a terrorist from South Bangistan who immigrates to Poland
Pulkit Samrat Praveen Chaturvedi / Allah Rakha Khan, a terrorrist from North Bangistan who immigrates to Poland
Jacqueline Fernandez Rosanna / Rosy
Kumud Mishra Abba / Guruji
Chandan Roy Sanyal Tamim
Arya Babbar Zulfi
Tomasz Karolak
Shivkumar Subramaniam Shankaracharya
Zachary Coffin Stanislav the Cop
Rajesh Sharma
Manuj Sharma Omar
Tom Alter Imam
Marta Zmuda Trzebiatowska
Erika Guntherova Immigration Officer 1
Aakash Pandey Sutradhar
Janusz Chabior Bobbitsky
Aakash Dabhade Sanichara
Jacek Lenartowicz
Suhail Nayyar BPO supervisor
Megh Pant Haatim
Paritosh Sand Praveen's father
Paromita Chatterjee Praveen's mother
Andrzej Blumenfeld Wilfred
Sunil Vishrani Pandit
Kuldeep Sareen Mishra
Katarzyna Mos Cindy
Cezary Pazura Tom
Bacha Ismail Osama Bin Haath
Vinod Rai Chang­ping
Director Karan Anshuman
Producer Farhan Akhtar
Ritesh Sidhwani
Executive Producer
Writer Puneet Krishna(screenplay)
Sumit Purohit(screenplay)
Karan Anshuman(screenplay)
Lyricist Puneet Krishna
Music Composer Ram Sampath
Singers Sona Mohapatra
Abhishek Nailwal
Shadaab Faridi
Ram Sampath
Aditi Singh Sharma
Benny Dayal
Neeraj Shridhar
Janusz Krucinski
Rituraj Mohanty
Siddharth Basrur
Suraj Jagan
Choreographers Rajeev Surti
Cinematographer Szymon Lenkowski
Action Director Marek Solek
Film Editor Shweta Venkat
Casting Director Anmol Ahuja
Abhishek Banerjee
Production Designer Katarzyna Filimoniuk
Amit Ray
Art Director Lukasz Trzcinski
Costume Designer Veera Kapur
Production Companies Excel Entertainment
Junglee Pictures
Song # 1Ishq Karenge
Written byPuneet Krishna
Composed byRam Sampath
Performed bySona Mohapatra,   Abhishek Nailwal,   Shadaab Faridi
Song # 2Hogi Kranti
Written byPuneet Krishna
Composed byRam Sampath
Performed byRam Sampath,   Abhishek Nailwal
Song # 3Saturday Night
Written byPuneet Krishna
Composed byRam Sampath
Performed byAditi Singh Sharma,   Benny Dayal,   Neeraj Shridhar,   Janusz Krucinski
Song # 4Maula
Written byPuneet Krishna
Composed byRam Sampath
Performed byRituraj Mohanty,   Ram Sampath
Song # 5Meri Zidd
Written byPuneet Krishna
Composed byRam Sampath
Performed bySiddharth Basrur,   Ram Sampath
Song # 6Is Duniya Se Ladna Hai
Written byPuneet Krishna
Composed byRam Sampath
Performed bySuraj Jagan,   Abhishek Nailwal
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Reviews on external websites
All ratings are based on 5. NA indicates rating not available.|Review by Shubha Shetty-Saha
Debutant director Karan Anshuman's 'Bangistan' has a mighty interesting concept with a good intention (screenplay by Puneet Krishnan, Sumit Purohit and Karan Anshuman). It should have translated into a film to remember, but, unfortunately, it doesn't. However, there are some flashes of brilliance which are unmissable.
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NDTV|Review by Saibal Chatterjee
True to its title, Bangistan makes more than its share of noise. But this mildly wacky satire on the futility of religious bigotry does not make too much sense.
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Hindustan Times|Review by Rohit Vats
When a former film critic sets out to make his first film, he is expected to, among other things, weave an intriguing theme around the plot. Bangistan, director Karan Anshuman's debut film, delivers on this front very ably.
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