Sleeping with Other People (2015)

USA| September 2015| 101 min| English
Sleeping with Other People (2015)
Genre Comedy
Color Color
Certification USA:R , Malaysia:(Banned)
Locations New York City, New York, USA
Director Leslye Headland
Lead Cast Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, Natasha Lyonne, Amanda Peet, Adam Scott
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A romantic comedy with commitment issues
Plot Summary
The film tells the story of a good-natured womaniser Lainey (Alison Brie) and a serial cheater Jake (Jason Sudeikis) who form a platonic relationship that helps reform them in ways, while a mutual attraction sets in.#The film tells the story of a good-natured womaniser Lainey (Alison Brie) and a remorseful serial cheater Jake (Jason Sudeikis) who by chance meet in a college dorm one day and end up sleeping together that night. After that one-night stand, Lainey disappears altogether. After college, the duo move on with their respective lives. Jake, being romantically challenged, cheats to break up relationships. Lainey, on the other hand, has broken up with her boyfriend as she has been sleeping with old flame Matthew (Adam Scott), who is married to another woman. Twelve years later, Jake ends up meeting Lainey at a sex-addiction meeting. With similar issues in life when it comes to relationshsips, the duo immediately form a platonic relationship. They spend a lot of time together, and as their friendship grows, it helps reform each one of them, while a mutual attraction sets in.
Director Leslye Headland and actor Adam Scott previously worked together in Bachelorette (2012), which was Leslye’s directorial debut.
Jason Sudeikis Jake
Alison Brie Lainey
Natasha Lyonne Kara
Amanda Peet Paula
Adam Scott Dr Matthew Sovochek
Marc Blucas Chris
Jason Mantzoukas Xander
Andrea Savage Naomi
Jordan Carlos RA
Margarita Levieva Hannah
Charles Cain Helmet Kid
Adam Brody Sam
Michael Cyril Creighton Attentive Waiter
Billy Eichner SLAA Speaker
Margaret Odette Thea
Victoria Frings Nurse
Sawyer Shipman Lyle
Anna Margaret Hollyman Renee
Carlo Alban Microcenter Employee
Remy Nozik George
Jamil Mena Big Dude
Austin Ku Pho Grand Waiter
Katherine Waterston Emma
Skylar Gaertner Oliver
Mitchell Green Police Officer
Brian Berrebbi Sobvechik's Lawyer
Jeff Mantel Detective
Michael Delaney Jake's Lawyer
Athena Alexis Crista
Ricky Garcia Doorman
Megan Guinan Alice
Rosemary Howard Nurse
Matthew Macedo Henry
Daniella Pineda Danica
Director Leslye Headland
Producer Jessica Elbaum
Will Ferrell
Sidney Kimmel
Adam McKay
Executive Producer Matt Berenson
Jim Tauber
Writer Leslye Headland(screenplay)
Music Composer Andrew Feltenstein
John Nau
Cinematographer Ben Kutchins
Action Director Chris Barnes
Anthony Vincent
Film Editor Paul Frank
Casting Director Jennifer Euston
Emer O'Callaghan
Production Designer Amy Williams
Art Director Gonzalo Cordoba
Costume Designer Leah Katznelson
Production Companies Gloria Sanchez Productions
IM Global
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Distributor IFC Films
Song # 1Get Over It
Written byDamian Kulash
Performed byOK Go
Song # 2We Bounce
Written byEric V Hachikian
Performed byEric V Hachikian
Song # 3Ganhou O Meu Caracao
Written byAlana Da Fonseca,   John McCurry,   Ali Dee
Performed byAlana Da Fonseca
Song # 4Palmreader
Written bySonny Smith
Performed bySonny and the Sunsets
Song # 5Oblivious
Written byCharles Brand,   Rick Schaier,   Brandon Lee,   Algernon Quahie
Performed byMiniature Tigers
Song # 6UTBTS
Written byCharles Brand,   Rick Schaier,   Brandon Lee,   Algernon Quahie
Performed byMiniature Tigers
Song # 7Minimum Wage
Written bySonny Smith
Performed byBobby Hawkins
Song # 8Love Me
Written byJerry Leiber,   Mike Stoller
Performed byThe Echo Friendly
Song # 9As Long As You Are Mine
Written byJohn Morrical,   Michael Schenk
Performed bySky Fawn
Song # 10Pachuquin
Written byEnzo Villaparedes,   Daniel Indart,   Sara Traina
Performed byVilla
Song # 11Jingle Bells
Performed bySugar & The Hi Lows
Song # 12Bap U
Written byDylan Engen Ragland
Performed byParty Favor
Song # 13Christmas With You
Written byJoe Lervold,   Cliff Goldmacher
Performed byJoel Evans & Friends
Song # 14Welcome To The Terrordome
Written byChuck D,   Keith Shocklee
Performed byPublic Enemy
Song # 15Remedy
Written byMatthew Depauw,   Nicholas Fotinakes,   Travis Hawley,   Rico D Rodriguez,   Aaron J Rubin,   Michael Van Kranenbur
Performed byNight Riots
Song # 16Open Season
Written byOliver Chang,   Jackson Milas
Performed byHigh Highs
Song # 17Modern Love
Written byDavid Bowie
Performed byDavid Bowie
Song # 18Moonlight Sonata Liberace
Written byLudwig van Beethoven
Performed byLiberace
Song # 19Double Vision
Written byNathan William Jerde,   Jered Burl Gummere,   Brian Case,   Melissa Ann Elias
Performed byThe Ponys
Song # 20The Unexpected
Written byJoe Lervold,   Lisa Aschmann
Performed byJoel Evans & Friends
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Reviews on external websites
All ratings are based on 5. NA indicates rating not available.|Review by Geoff Berkshire
At a time when audiences are more friendly to raunch-coms than to rom-coms, writer-director Leslye Headland tries to split the difference in “Sleeping With Other People.”
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COS|Review by Justin Gerber
The best part of Sleeping with Other People sadly arrives during its closing credits. Xander (Jason Mantzoukas) and his wife Naomi (Andrea Savage) are waiting at a location for friends to arrive, and as the credits roll on the right side of the screen, the couple engages in amusing conversation to the left.
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NA|Review by Nick Allen
Movie morals tell us that in the horror genre, the two leads of writer/director Leslye Headland's cheater love story "Sleeping with Other People" would not survive the first act.
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Way Too Indie|Review by Ananda Dillon
You won’t catch me complaining about rom-coms or decrying the genre as lifeless, well-worn, or ready for bed. One cannot blame a film genre for the laziness of writers, directors, and narrow-minded studios.
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