The Visit (2015)

USA| September 2015| 94 min| English
The Visit (2015)
Genre Comedy, Horror
Color Color
Certification USA:PG-13 , UK:15 , Canada:14A (British Columbia) , Germany:12 , Ireland:15A , Netherlands:16 , Portugal:M/14 , Singapore:PG13 , South Korea:15
Locations Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Miami, Florida, USA
Director M Night Shyamalan
Lead Cast Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Kathryn Hahn, Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie
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No one loves you like your grandparents
Plot Summary
The film is about two children - 15-year-old Rebecca and her little brother Tyler - who go visit their grandparents - Pop Pop and Nana for the first time ever, and a holiday, that was supposed to be fun-filled goes wrong after the siblings discover a dark secret about their grandparents.#The film is about two children - Rebecca (Olivia DeJonge) and her little brother Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) - who go visit their grandparents - Pop Pop (Peter McRobbie) and Nana (Deanna Dunagan) for the first time ever. Their mother, Loretta (Kathryn Hahn), didn’t get on well with her parents in the past, so decides not to accompany her children, and instead goes on a cruise with her new boyfriend. Apparently Loretta has not met her parents for 15 long years, after she eloped with her high-school teacher, Robert (Benjamin Kanes), who has since left her. While at the grandparents’ for a week, Rebecca decides to make a documentary on the lives of her Pop Pop and Nana, to help Loretta reunite with her parents. And while working on the documentary, the siblings discover a dark secret about their grandparents.
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Olivia DeJonge Rebecca 'Becca' Jamison
Ed Oxenbould Tyler Jamison
Kathryn Hahn Loretta Jamison, Rebecca and Tyler's Mother
Deanna Dunagan Doris Jamison, Rebecca and Tyler's grandmother
Peter McRobbie John Jamison, Rebecca and Tyler's grandfather
Benjamin Kanes Robert, Rebecca and Tyler's Father
Celia Keenan-Bolger Stacey
Samuel Stricklen Conductor
Patch Darragh Dr Sam
Jorge Cordova Miguel
Steve Annan Man on the Street
Ocean James Younger Becca
Seamus Moroney Young Tyler
Erica Lynne Arden Train Passenger
Richard Barlow Police Officer
John Buscemi Police officer
Brian Gildea Police Officer
Jon Douglas Rainey Police Officer
Michelle Rose Domb Cruise Passenger
Dave Jia Cruise Passenger
Sajida Malik Cruise Passenger
Shawn Gonzalez Train Passenger
Michael Mariano Hairy Chested Contestant
Director M Night Shyamalan
Producer M Night Shyamalan
Marc Bienstock
Jason Blum
Ashwin Rajan
Executive Producer Ashwin Rajan
Steven Schneider
Writer M Night Shyamalan(screenplay)
Music Composer Paul Cantelon
Cinematographer Maryse Alberti
Action Director Drew Leary
Film Editor Luke Franco Ciarrocchi
Casting Director Douglas Aibel
Production Designer Naaman Marshall
Art Director Scott G Anderson
Costume Designer Amy Westcott
Production Companies Blinding Edge Pictures
Blumhouse Productions
Distributor Universal Pictures
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Not available
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