Captive (2015)

USA| September 2015| 97 min| English
Captive (2015)
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller
Color Color
Certification USA:PG-13 , UK:12A , Ireland:12A
Locations North Carolina, USA
Georgia, USA
Director Jerry Jameson
Lead Cast David Oyelowo, Kate Mara, Michael Kenneth Williams, Leonor Varela, Jessica Oyelowo
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Faith. Redemption. Survival.
Plot Summary
The film tells the true story of a single drug-addicted mom whose life turns upside down after she is taken hostage in her own apartment by a man trying to escape the law for breaking out of jail and murdering the judge assigned to his case.#On March 11, 2005, Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo) escapes from the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta, during his trial involving a case of rape and assault of his longtime girlfriend. During the escape he murders the judge presiding over his trial as well as a court reporter. He also shoots Sergeant Teasley (E Roger Mitchell) while escaping from the prison, and then Special Agent David Wilhelm (Rob Bouton) at his home. Nichols then takes hostage of a young woman, a single mother, Ashley Smith (Kate Mara), in her own apartment. Ashley is a drug-addict and struggling to quit drugs for the sake of her young daughter. Being shaken by the incident, a horrified Ashley looks for some guidance from Rick Warren's best-selling, inspirational book "The Purpose Driven Life”. Despite her terror she slowly gains trust of Nichols and calms him down by reading passages from the spiritual book. As she reads aloud, the two strangers - a drug-addict and a fugitive, bond gradually and open up to each other about their respective lives. The incident changed both of their lives with Ashley abstaining from drugs and bettering herself after the incident, and Brian going back to jail serving for the crimes he committed.
The film is based on the non-fiction book "Unlikely Angel" by real-life Ashley Smith.

The book used in the film, that Ashley (Kate Mara) reads to her captor Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo) is the best-selling book "Purpose Driven Life" written by Rick Warren, the Pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California.

The blue truck that Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo) stole in the movie was the vehicle that the real-life Brian actually stole.
David Oyelowo Brian Nichols
Kate Mara Ashley Smith
Michael Kenneth Williams Detective John Chestnut
Leonor Varela Sergeant Carmen Sandoval
Jessica Oyelowo Meredith MacKenzie
Mimi Rogers Kim Rogers
Matt Lowe Randy
E Roger Mitchell Sergeant Teasley
Bill Bennett Sheriff Walters
Scott Parks Officer Henderson
J Karen Thomas Mrs Nichols
Fred Galle Atlanta Police Officer Boltbee
Elle Graham Paige
Johanna Jowett Cameron Sampson
Claudia Church Melissa
Michael Harding Commander Bradley Simpson
Sydelle Noel Lynn Campbell
Michael Mercaldi Prisoner
Melissa Eastwood Drug Rehab Patient
Kevin J O'Connor FBI Agent
Marlo Scheitler Cheryl
Jeffry Winkler SWAT Sniper
Diva Tyler Deputy Cynthia Hall
Leon Pridgen APD Officer
Keya Hamilton Waitress
Chris Matheny Detective
Steven Dean Davis Delivery Truck Driver
Rob Bouton Special agent David Wilhelm
Sue Thies Rehab Patient
William Boyer Sniper
Mark Guy Thompson State Police Officer
Frederick Carpenter SWAT Team Member
Brent Gribble Atlanta Police Officer
Gordon Dillard Jr SWAT Team Lead
David N Russell Atlanta Police Officer
Jon Menick Dr Wilson Pratt
Rob Koebel SWAT Team Member
Gina Stewart Beatrice
Miller Carbon Defense Attorney
Jeff Strickland Police Officer
Randy Grazio Atlanta Detective
David R Doumeng APD Field Officer
Jim Gann Reporter
DeAnna Brandon Rehab Patient
Kelly Mizell Mrs Wilhelm
Stephen Kamenski APD Field Officer
John Carter TV Reporter
Brenda Moss-Clifton Driver
Director Jerry Jameson
Producer Lucas Akoskin
Terry Botwick
Alex Garcia
David Oyelowo
Ken Wales
Katrina Wolfe
Executive Producer Brian Bird
Santiago Garcia Galvan
Jonathan Gray
Elliott Lester
Ralph Winter
Writer Ashley Smith(story)
Brian Bird(screenplay)
Music Composer Lorne Balfe
Cinematographer Luis David Sansans
Action Director Dino Muccio
Jeremy Conner
Film Editor Melissa Kent
Casting Director Mark Fincannon
Production Designer Sandra Cabriada
Art Director Nicolas Scabini
Costume Designer Cameron Doyle
Production Companies BN Films
1019 Entertainment
Brightside Entertainment
Itaca Films
Yoruba Saxon Productions
Distributor Paramount Pictures
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Reviews on external websites
All ratings are based on 5. NA indicates rating not available.|Review by Matt Fagerholm
Jerry Jameson’s “Captive” is a work of surprising restraint. Its agenda is clear from the get-go, and will undoubtedly attract the same audiences that flocked to this year’s other releases targeting an Evangelical Christian demographic.
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Eye for Film|Review by Angus Wolfe Murray
If this hadn't been "based on a true story" you might be forgiven for assuming it to be a roughed up remake of Labor Day.
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La La Film|Review by Christine Arata
The real story is great, and so is the message that redemption is never too far away from anyone. Hopefully, those seeking solace from their demons will seek out the book highlighted in the film or other like sources (maybe the Bible). Even if the film steers one person to seek that out, it will have served its purpose.
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Screen Daily|Review by John Hazelton
Convincing performances from David Oyelowo and Kate Mara – as an escaped killer and his drug addicted hostage – are the saving grace of Captive, a decent dramatic thriller somewhat weighed down by its mildly religious message.
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The Wrap|Review by James Rocchi
Well-intentioned but badly-made, this crime-and-religion true story lands on-screen with a thud. A bruised, would-be thriller that’s really a oil-and-water mix of piety and paranoia, “Captive” tries to combine popcorn-crunching entertainment with higher values and holier virtues.
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