Sorry Daddy (2015)

India| September 2015| 140 min| Hindi
Sorry Daddy (2015)
Genre Action
Color Color
Locations Mumbai, India
Uttar Pradesh, India
Director Vijay Pal
Lead Cast Shamim Khan, Tinnu Verma, Kamal Khan, Mukesh Tiwari, Raghuvir Yadav
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Plot Summary
Set in the early 2014s, the film is a children action drama centring around the turbulent relationship between Police inspector Ravi Inspector and some children, a relationship which is affected by children's issues with alcohol abuse and temperament.#Inspector Ravi Sharma (Shamim Khan) is an honest and intelligent police officer. He raids the racket of Daddan’s (Mukesh Tiwari) illegal wine factory showcasing that he is always against the enemy of law and society. Meanwhile, his daughter Anishka seeks his help to find out her lost school friend Aditya. Aditya is a bright student but always looks puzzled because of his drunken father who is a victim of domestic troubles. One day, the domestic trouble between his parents turn ugly wherein his father dies accidentally. Shaken by the incident, a scared Aditya runs away from home. Ravi arrests his mother as a murder suspect. While his mother is put behind the bars, Aditya wanders around the city and waders through the city when he meets a gang of beggars who come to his aid. Unfortunately he lands in the cage of Sevak Ram (Tinnu Verma). Sevak Ram is a socialist who runs a dirty business with orphans and lost children by making them handicap, behind the facade of a charity organization, that is supposed to help street children. What remains to be seen is whether Ravi is being able to find out Aditya, and reveal the true colour of Sevak Ram’s organization.
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Shamim Khan Police inspector Ravi
Tinnu Verma Politician
Kamal Khan Kamal
Mukesh Tiwari Daddan
Raghuvir Yadav
Sunil Pal
Director Vijay Pal
Producer Wasim s Khan
Executive Producer
Writer Salim Ahmed(story)
Salim Ahmed(screenplay)
Lyricist Faaiz Anwar
Music Composer Vishnu Deva
Liyakat AzmeriVaishnav Deva(background music)
Choreographers Shakku
Cinematographer Hasmukh Rajput
Action Director
Film Editor Ashfaq Makrani
Casting Director
Production Designer
Art Director
Costume Designer
Production Companies S K Films Entertainment
Distributor Pen N Camera International
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