Sicario (2015)

USA| September 2015| 121 min| English
Sicario (2015)
Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Color Color
Certification USA:R , UK:15 , Argentina:16 , France:12 , Germany:16 , Singapore:NC16
Locations Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
El Paso, Texas, USA
Director Denis Villeneuve
Lead Cast Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Daniel Kaluuya, Victor Garber
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The border is just another line to cross
Plot Summary
During a kidnapping raid in Chandler, Arizona, idealistic FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Teams agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), her partner Reggie Wayne (Daniel Kaluuya), and the rest of her team discover dozens of corpses along with two dead officers from her team in a house, who were killed due to a bomb blast in the backyard shed. To exact revenge on the drug cartel responsible for implanting the bomb, Kate joins the team of Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), a CIA Special Activities Division officer, leading a team of Special Force Officers along with Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro), who are on a mission to annihilate the drug cartel on the USA-Mexico border between Arizona and Juarez, and search for the men responsible, one of them being cartel boss Manuel Díaz (Bernardo P Saracino).
Director Denis Villeneuve is said to have wanted Emily Blunt for the role after watching her in The Young Victoria (2009).

Emily Blunt gave birth to her first child, Hazel, only four months prior to starting filming for her role.

The word "Sicario" derives from the Latin word "Sicarius", which means "dagger man". The word is also used in Spanish which means “hitman”.

Emily Blunt and Benicio del Torro previously worked together in The Wolfman (2010).

Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro previously worked together in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Inherent Vice (2014).

Victor Garber and Josh Brolin previously worked together in Milk (2008).

This film was released in USA on the same date (18th September) as Everest (2015), which also stars Josh Brolin in a prominent role.

Lionsgate is believed to have already commenced work on a sequel, which will be more focussed on the character Alejandro Gillick. The project is being looked after by writer Taylor Sheridan and director Denis Villeneuve.
Emily Blunt Kate Macer
Benicio Del Toro Alejandro Gillick
Josh Brolin Matt Graver
Daniel Kaluuya Reggie Wayne
Maximiliano Hernández Silvio
Victor Garber Dave Jennings
Jon Bernthal Ted
Jeffrey Donovan Steve Forsing
Raoul Trujillo Rafael
Julio Cedillo Fausto Alarcon
Hank Rogerson Phil Coopers
Bernardo P Saracino Manuel Diaz
Kevin Wiggins Burnett
Edgar Arreola Guillermo
Kim Larrichio Silvio's Wife
Jesus Nevarez-Castillo Eliseo
Dylan Kenin Delta Leader
John Trejo Delta
Marty Lindsey SWAT Officer
Alex Knight Coroner
Rio Alexander Phoenix Cop
Eric Steinig Air Force MP
Michael-David Aragon AIC Guard
Vic Browder US Marshal
Boots Southerland US Marshal Keith
Adam Taylor US Marshal Kevin
David Garver Bob Fisks
Jesse Ramirez MIgrant
James Espinoza Migrant
Arrazolo Migrant
Tomas Martinez Migrant
Alejandro S Rodriguez Migrant
Jorge Rocha Fuentez Migrant
Johnny Palomarez Jr Migrant
Eb Lottimer Bank Manager
Matthew Tompkins Jessie Garza
Michael Sheets Treasury Agent
Sarah Minnich Reggie's Dance Partner
Matthew Page Operator
Lora Martinez-Cunningham Jacinta
Julian Ortega Fausto's Son
Ian Posada Fausto's Son
Antonio Leyba Border Bandit
Frank Andrade Border Bandit
Juan Carlos Mora Border Bandit
Jesus Mayorga Border Bandit
Joseph P Santillanes Homeland Security Officer
Basil Iwanyk Sr DEA Agent
Ivan Allen News Anchor
John Burke Chandler News Reporter
Johnny Otto SWAT Officer
Rick Anglada DEA Agent
Carlo Armendariz Immigrant
Andrea Good Immigrant
Celine R Lopez Immigrant
Cesar Miramontes Immigrant
Brian Barela Army Soldier
Will D Barnes III US Marshall
Derek Blakeney Military solider
Edward Butron AIC Guard
Kevin Capeless Driver at Border Crossing
Paul Caster Driver
Laurence Scott Devereux Alex
Jetto Dorsainville Military police
Tait Fletcher Soldier
Susie Gillespie Police Officer
Alan Humphrey Police Officer
Chadwick Johnson Homeland Security Agent
Beth Lucero Bar Patron / American Traveler
Trista Marchetto Waitress
John Nussbaumer Homeland Security Official
Larry Nuñez Tunnel Bandit
Stephen Oyoung Delta Driver
Fred Padilla Border Patrol
Eddie Perez Border Bandit
Edsel Pete Border Patrol
Frank Powers DEA Agent
Alan D Purwin Helocopter pilot
Gonzalo Robles Soldier
Jack T Silliman Soldier
J Nathan Simmons American Tourist at Border
Mark Stefanich Delta Driver
Michael Stone Senator
Cheo Tapia Gangster / drug smuggler
Rafael Torrez ICE Agent
Director Denis Villeneuve
Producer Basil Iwanyk
Thad Luckinbill
Trent Luckinbill
Edward McDonnell
Molly Smith
Executive Producer Erica Lee
Ellen H Schwartz
Writer Taylor Sheridan(screenplay)
Music Composer Jóhann Jóhannsson
Cinematographer Roger Deakins
Action Director Keith Woulard
Film Editor Joe Walker
Casting Director Francine Maisler
Production Designer Patrice Vermette
Art Director Paul D Kelly
Bjarne Sletteland
Costume Designer Renée April
Production Companies Black Label Media
Thunder Road Pictures
Distributor Lionsgate
Song # 1Half Empty
Written byWyatt Earp,   Keith Gattis
Performed byKeith Gattis
Song # 2Texas It Is
Written byDoug Beiden,   Jeff Moseley
Performed byDoug Beiden,   Jeff Moseley
Song # 3Cowboy's Duty
Written byAron Leigh,   Phil Barton,   Mike Ulvila
Performed byAron Leigh
Song # 4Rich Woman
Written byDorothy La Bostrie,   Millet McKinley
Performed byAlison Krauss,   Robert Plant
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The Guardian|Review by Mark Kermode
A great performance from Blunt makes this well-staged story of FBI operations in the murky world of the US-Mexico borderlands a cut above the ordinary
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4|Review by Kofi Outlaw
Sicario is a solid piece of crime genre fiction elevated into a haunting and powerful cinematic experience by impeccable filmmakers and a talented cast.
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4.5|Review by Peter Travers
Prepare yourself for the most tension-filled take on cartel violence and the War on Drugs
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3.5|Review by Brian Tallerico
“Sicario” opens with two indicators of a violent world, one a discovery and one an explosion, both setting the stage for the satisfying thriller that follows.
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3|Review by Eric Eisenberg
Sicario is so fantastic for so long that you really want to love it. It delivers the best kind of nail-biting tension, and its story is so simple yet real that you can’t help but be entirely engrossed.
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3|Review by Ryan Lambie
Slackening though it does in the mid-point - and kicked back into life through a not-entirely-convincing plot contrivance - Sicario is nevertheless another absorbing, unsettling piece of filmmaking from Villeneuve.
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Express|Review by Henry Fitzherbert
Directed with great flair by Canadian Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) the picture is a touch slow in places and Blunt’s Kate is, perhaps, more an audience device than fully rounded character; a helpful innocent. However, it is pleasingly grown-up entertainment that pulls no punches.
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