Pan (2015)

USA| September 2015| 111 min| English
Pan (2015)
Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Color Color
Certification USA:PG , UK:PG , Argentina:13 , Australia:PG , Germany:12 , Singapore:PG
Other Titles Peter Pan
Locations Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Hertfordshire, England, UK
Bedford, England, UK
London, England, UK
Director Joe Wright
Lead Cast Levi Miller, Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Adeel Akhtar
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In the beginning... he was the enemy
Experience the untold story of the timeless legend
Every legend has a beginning
In the beginning... he was just a boy
Plot Summary
Peter (Levi Miller) is a 12-year-old boy left as a baby by his mother Mary (Amanda Seyfried), and brought up by Mother Barnabas (Kathy Burke), head of an orphanage in London. During World War II, Peter finds out Mother Barnabas is hoarding food for herself, and joins hands with friend Nibs (Lewis MacDougall) to steal the food and distribute among other orphans. However, the duo get caught by pirates hired by Barnabas, and are sent off to Neverland in a pirate ship. While Nibs manages to jump off the ship and escape, Peter can't, and ends up being shipped to the magical world. This is where Peter finds both friends and enemies, and ultimately discovers his destiny to become the saviour of Neverland, Peter Pan. He, along with Hook (Garrett Hedlund), then set out on a mission to rescue Nibs and the other orphans from Barnabas' orphanage, who eventually join Pater's crew named "The Lost Boys".
The film serves as an origin story for Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Hollywood actresses Lupita Nyong'o and Adèle Exarchopoulos, and Bollywood actress Pooja Hegde were also considered for the role of Tiger Lily, which eventually went to Rooney Mara.

Rooney Mara's casting as Tiger Lily caused controversy due to her European ancestry, as Tiger Lily is traditionally portrayed as a Native American.

Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried previously worked together in Les Misèrables (2012) as father and daughter respectively.
Levi Miller Peter Pan
Hugh Jackman Blackbeard
Garrett Hedlund James Hook
Rooney Mara Tiger Lily
Adeel Akhtar Sam Smiegel / Mr Smee
Lewis MacDougall Nibs
Amanda Seyfried Mary
Nonso Anozie Bishop
Jack Charles Chief Great Little Panther
Cara Delevingne Mermaids
Tae-joo Na Kwahu
Kathy Burke Mother Barnabas
Kurt Egyiawan Murray
Paul Kaye Mutti Voosht
Emerald Fennell Commander
Jack Lowden Dobkin
Bronson Webb Steps
Mike Shepherd Fernley Trebilcock
Brian Bovell Long John Standing
Jimmy Vee Lofty
Paul Hunter Daisy
Spencer Wilding Growler
Dean Nolan Peanut
Giacomo Mancini Michelangelo
Neil Bell Baggy
Phill Martin Goliath
Gabriel Andreu Matador
Michael Ryan Silverman
Kavern Batchelor Skinny Orphan
Orlando Loo Alfred Yung
Ami Metcalf Sister Thomas
Amanda Lawrence Sister Joseph
Tunji Lucas Tribesman
Tomislav English Tribesman
Aaron Monaghan Robbins
Amy Morgan Operator
Harry Lister Smith Pilot Parker
Nicholas Agnew Pilot Primrose
Salo Gardner Older Blackbeard
Jamie Beamish Not-Dobkins
Tony Allen Himself
Jozef Aoki Ranger Pirate 'Wings'
Kwame Augustine Elder Guard
Andres Austin Bennett Miner
Tola Bishi Tribesman Guard
Alexander Bracq Miner
Matthew Brandon Miner
RP Edwards Tribe Warrior
Stephan Genovese Warrior
Jacob Greener-Tofts Orphan
Anastasia Harrold Female Warrior SPACT
Zak Holland Miner
Joe Kennard Tiger Lily's Gaurd
Debra Leigh-Taylor Nun - Cook
Chris Marchant Blackbeard's Pirate
Nicholas Marshall Tribal Warrior
James McNamara Miner
Aaran Mitra Orphan
Dillon Mitra Miner
Adnan Mustafa Miner
Adrian Palmer Pan Tribe Warrior
Louis Partridge Miner
Oliver Payne Miner
Brent Phebey Miner
Wilson Radjou-Pujalte Orphan
Deborah Rosan Kathakali Hunter
Julian Seager Livingston
Clem So Neverland Warrior
Kostyantyn Volkov Miner
Jamie Wilson Pirate
William Wright-Neblett Orphan
Ruolan Zhang Pan Tribe Girl
Leni Zieglmeier Wendy Darling
Director Joe Wright
Producer Greg Berlanti
Sarah Schechter
Paul Webster
Executive Producer Tim Lewis
Writer Jason Fuchs(story)
J M Barrie(story)
Music Composer John Powell
Cinematographer John Mathieson
Seamus McGarvey
Action Director Eunice Huthart
Film Editor William Hoy
Paul Tothill
Casting Director Dixie Chassay
Jina Jay
Production Designer Aline Bonetto
Art Director Gavin Fitch
Phil Harvey
Paul Laugier
Rod McLean
Mark Scruton
Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran
Production Companies Warner Bros
Berlanti Productions
Moving Picture Company
RatPac-Dune Entertainment
Distributor Warner Bros Pictures
Song # 1Smells Like Teen Spirit
Written byNirvana
Performed byFilm's cast
Song # 2Smells Like Teen Spirit
Written byKurt Cobain,   David Grohl,   Krist Novoselic
Song # 3Produced by John Powell, Matthew Margetson, Dario
Performed byHugh Jackman,   Film's cast
Song # 4Blitzkrieg Bop
Written byTommy Ramone,   Dee Dee Ramone
Performed byFilm's cast
Song # 5Blitzkrieg Bop
Written byJoey Ramone,   Dee Dee Ramone,   Johnny Ramone,   Tommy Ramone
Song # 6Produced by John Powell, Matthew Margetson, Dario
Performed byHugh Jackman,   Film's cast
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The Guardian|Review by Jordan Hoffman
A starry cast, including Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara and Cara Delevingne, can’t save Joe Wright’s dull, dreadful, unasked for prequel to JM Barrie’s children’s classic
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1|Review by Susan Wloszczyna
On the occasion of the arrival of a lumbering load of steampunk-drenched, whimsy-drained wrongheadedness disguised as family entertainment known as “Pan”—someone is really baiting headline writers with that pun-ready title—let us ponder this conundrum: Why do filmmakers continue to feel the need to squeeze all the joy and magic out of such a remarkably enduring figure of Edwardian-era make-believe as J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan?
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1|Review by Peter Travers
This joyless, juiceless take on the Peter Pan story is a theme-park ride from hell
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Independent|Review by Geoffrey Macnab
Wright stages some very colourful set-pieces, but the film-making never takes wing. It doesn’t help that the performances are as broad as any you will find in a pantomime at the Hackney Empire.
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