The Forest (2016)

USA| January 2016| 95 min| English
The Forest (2016)
Genre Horror
Color Color
Certification USA:PG-13 , Singapore:PG13
Locations Serbia
Narita, Chiba, Japan
Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
London, England, UK
Director Jason Zada
Lead Cast Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Eoin Macken
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Where fear grows
Everyone comes here looking for a way out
Plot Summary
The film is set in and around the Aokigahara Forest, a forest at the northwest base of Mount Fuji, Japan, infamous as a suicide destination. Sara Price (Natalie Dormer), a young American woman, receives a phone call from the Japanese police telling her that they think her twin sister Jess (Natalie Dormer) was seen going into the forest and has been missing since. Despite the concerns of her husband Rob (Eoin Macken), she travels to Tokyo to track down her twin sister, convinced that Jess didn't commit suicide. There, with the help of an Australian reporter named Aiden (Taylor Kinney) and a park ranger, Michi (Yukiyoshi Ozawa), she embarks on the search but soon finds herself entangled in paranormal activities.
As a preparation for her role, actress Natalie Dormer went to the suicide forest for research with her Japanese driver, where she walked five meters off the path to take photos, while her Japanese driver didn't step half an inch over the path.

The film marks an English movie debut for actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa.

This film marks a feature film debut for director Jason Zada.

As filming in the Aokigahara forest is not permitted by the Japanese government, the filmmakers chose a forest near the Tara Mountain in Serbia to feature as the Japanese forest.
Natalie Dormer Sara / Jess Price
Taylor Kinney Aiden
Eoin Macken Rob
Stephanie Vogt Valerie
Yukiyoshi Ozawa Michi
Rina Takasaki Hoshiko
Noriko Sakura Mayumi
Yûho Yamashita Sakura
James Owen Peter
Osamu Tanpopo Homeless Man
Yasuo Tobishima Sushi Chef
Ibuki Kaneda Mei
Akiko Iwase Head Teacher
Kikuo Ichikawa Businessman
Jozef Aoki Visitor Center Morgue Man
Gen Seto Narusawa Bartender
Terry Diab Grandma
Nadja Mazalica Young Sara / Jess
Lidija Antonic Mother of Sara / Jess
Carni Djeric Father of Sara / Jess
Director Jason Zada
Producer David S Goyer
David Linde
Tory Metzger
Executive Producer Lawrence Bender
Len Blavatnik
Aviv Giladi
Andrew Pfeffer
Writer Nick Antosca(story)
Sarah Cornwell(story)
Ben Ketai(story)
Music Composer Bear McCreary
Cinematographer Mattias Troelstrup
Action Director Slavisa Ivanovic
Film Editor Jim Flynn
Casting Director Elaine Grainger
Production Designer Kevin Phipps
Art Director Jasna Dragovic
Kikuo Ohta
Costume Designer Bojana Nikitovic
Production Companies AI-Film
Lava Bear Films
Distributor Gramercy Pictures
Icon Film Distribution
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Reviews on external websites
All ratings are based on 5. NA indicates rating not available.|Review by Terri Schwartz
The Forest, a new supernatural horror movie from first-time director Jason Zada, producer David Goyer and starring Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer, follows some familiar paths as other psychological thrillers
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3|Review by Mark Dujsik
The admiration for the little that Zada does differently in the early sections of "The Forest" does not last for long, as the movie repeatedly hits the same beats over and over again. Zada's film ends up feeling like an extended journey to a predestined shrug of a conclusion.
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1.5|Review by Mark H Harris
Sara might be the victim on screen, but viewers forced to sit through her stupidity are the real victims in The Forest.
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2|Review by Brian Orndorf
"The Forest" (which works as a possible cure for insomnia) doesn’t offer frights, it sustains tedium, almost going out of its way to accomplish nothing of note with a premise that welcomes an exhaustive examination of evil.
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