Dirty Grandpa (2016)

USA| January 2016| 102 min| English
Dirty Grandpa (2016)
Genre Comedy
Color Color
Certification USA:R , UK:15 , Germany:12 , Ireland:18 , Singapore:M18
Locations Tybee Island, Georgia, USA
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Director Dan Mazer
Lead Cast Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Zoey Deutch, Aubrey Plaza, Dermot Mulroney
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This is Jason. He's a little worried about his grandpa.
They're hitting the road. And everything on it.
Lose your way. Find your manhood.
Plot Summary
Not even a week before he's due to wed his fiancée Meredith (Julianne Hough), Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) travels to Florida with grandfather, Richard "Dick" Kelly (Robert De Niro), an ex-Army General, to meet up with an old army buddy. Upon arriving there, Jason realises that his pervert grandpa's plan is to get drunk, get high and get laid over spring break.
The film's theatrical poster shows Robert De Niro lifting Zac Efron on his back without any help. Efron confirmed that Nero didn't take any help while promoting the film on Instagram.

Before Robert De Niro came on board, Jeff Bridges and Michael Douglas were considered for the role of Richard "Dick" Kelly.

This is the second time Zac Efron has played a character named Jason after That Awkward Moment (2014).
Robert De Niro Richar 'Dick' Kelly, , Jason's grandfather
Zac Efron Jason Kelly
Zoey Deutch Shadia, Jason's love interest
Aubrey Plaza Lenore
Dermot Mulroney David Kelly, Jason's father
Julianne Hough Meredith Goldstein, Jason's fiancée
Adam Pally Cousin Nick
Jason Mantzoukas Tan Pam
Jake Picking Cody
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Bradley
Brandon Mychal Smith Tyrone
Michael Hudson Brah
Mo Collins Officer Finch
Henry Zebrowski Officer Reiter
Catherine Dyer Brooke Kelly
Deena Dill Dina Cougar
Christopher Setticase College Kid
Michael H Cole Catholic Priest
Amy Parrish Wedding Planner
Blaque Fowler Rabbi
Director Dan Mazer
Producer Jason Barrett
Bill Block
Barry Josephson
Michael Simkin
Executive Producer Michael Flynn
John Friedberg
Anton Lessine
Sasha Shapiro
Writer John Phillips(screenplay)
Music Composer Michael Andrews
Cinematographer Eric Alan Edwards
Action Director Alex Daniels
Mickey Giacomazzi
Film Editor Anne McCabe
Casting Director
Production Designer William Arnold
Art Director Jeremy Woolsey
Costume Designer Christie Wittenborn
Production Companies QED International Josephson Entertainment Ninjas Runnin' Wild Productions BillBlock Media
Distributor Lionsgate
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Den of Geek.com|Review by Mark Harrison
Dirty Grandpa luxuriates in filth, but seldom, if ever, raises so much as a smile. Nobody phones it in, but that only makes for more good thrown after bad.
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RogerEbert.com|Review by Glenn Kenny
A couple of weeks ago I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that this movie, “Dirty Grandpa,” was the talk of the nation. Not because the Robert De Niro/Zac Efron/Aubrey Plaza raunch comedy was particularly good, but because, apparently—I didn’t see any of the movie in my dream, just had conversations with people about it—it didn’t do that thing that studio-produced-raunch comedies do, which is take things so far and no further.
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AV Club|Review by Jesse Hassenger
The would-be comic conceit of a foul-mouthed old person is, at this point, only slightly younger than the ability to depict foul-mouthed characters in cinema. The fact that anyone would consider this sort of character a shocking yet hilarious delight is almost inherently anti-comedic; it’s hard to laugh from inside the deep depression caused by smug faux-edginess.
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CinemaBlend|Review by Sean O'Connell
This should have been made clear by the film’s title and, if you bothered to watch them, the marketing materials, but Dan Mazer’s Dirty Grandpa is relentlessly vulgar, proudly offensive, stupefyingly idiotic and completely embarrassing for everyone involved.
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JoBlo.com|Review by JimmyO
DIRTY GRANDPA is certainly dirty. It’s crude and rude, and that would’ve been great if it had offered a few laughs. It doesn’t. At all. Efron and De Niro aren’t bad necessarily, but they have nothing to work with.
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